The Great Memory Animator with Daljit Nagra

Daljit Nagra shows you how to write a poem using the Great Poetry Animator. Have a go generating your own poems and take inspiration from the beautiful ebook produced by new poetry e-publishers Silkworms Ink.

Daljit’s Great Poetry Animator can be used again and again – try different buildings (e.g. school, a friend or relative’s house, where you once stayed on holiday) or revisit different memories from your map of home. Why not try it out and then submit your favourite poem/s to one of the competitions or magazines on our Poetry Opportunities Page?

For inspiration, have a look at the lovely winners’ anthology from when we first ran this challenge in March. We invited poets aged 16 and under to submit their poems for the chance to be included in an e-anthology produced by  Silkworms Ink – and now Red Rascal Strawberry has arrived.

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Daljit Nagra Poet  

Daljit Nagra was born and raised in West London, then Sheffield, and currently lives in Willesden where he works in a secondary school. His first collection, Look We Have Coming to Dover!, won the 2007 Forward Prize for Best First Collection and was shortlisted for the Costa Poetry Award. In 2008 he won the South Bank Show/Arts Council Decibel Award. Daljit’s second book, Tippoo Sultan’s Incredible White-Man-Eating Tiger Toy-Machine!!! was shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize in 2011.(photo: Hayley Madden)

Published February, 2012

15 thoughts on “The Great Memory Animator with Daljit Nagra

  1. Hi – my poem that was generated from the poetry animator doesn’t really fit into the categories Daljit has specified – it isn’t an ‘I remember’ poem, or a poem of a memory, just of my house and the other things he suggested we label. Is this okay, and can I still enter? Thanks!

    1. Hi Catherine, that’s brilliant. The purpose of the Animator is to help you get writing, so if you are caught up in your poem to the point where you diverges from Daljit’s suggestions, then that’s a good sign. Please do send us your poem, we’d love to read it.

    1. Fine piece, man! Reflecting back on youth, and the love that was the love that remains. Amazing the afiutbeul memories we can store up inside ourselves, to hold for moments such as this.Thanks for participating and I just wanted to let you know, I look forward to running your interview soon as well. And p.s., just a quick little spelling thing I noticed: 6th line down, fullness. You presently have it spelled fulness. Other than that great work!

  2. Hello. I was wondering. It says “Anyone can have a go at Daljit’s Great Poetry Generator” but then it says only poets aged 16 and under. I’m 20, so I suppose I can’t submit for this challenge, but then one statement refutes the other, so I’m kind of confused. If not, will there be any other challenges soon? How often are the challenges done? Thanks!

    1. Hi Juan, you can have a go because you can still use the Great Memory Animator to write a poem. Writing a poem and submitting it to a challenge are two different things! While this time around we wanted to focus the submission element on our younger YPNers, we also wanted to make it clear that you didn’t have to be younger to try using the animator. If you are over 16 you can still use the Animator to write a poem and, if you wish to submit that poem to a competition or publication, we have places that would love to read your work listed on our Poetry Map.

      The frequency of our challenges varies. Usually it’s about one a month but sometimes they are more frequent. We have the next challenge (no spoilers!) lined up to go live when the Great Memory Animator closes, and this will be one that’s open to the under 25s.

  3. i’v got a problemb i am past the deadline but have already written my poem what can i do? can i still enter it?

    1. Hi Gerogie, Why not enter it inot the FOyle Young Poets of the Year Award

      Or you can go to the “poetry map” tab at the top of the page, where you will find a list of all the different competitions for young people you could enter your poem into.

  4. Hi, last month I got an email saying my poem was successful and that they would let me know when the anthology was released. Has it been released yet? Also, thank you for the prize pack!

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