Red Rascal Strawberry


Image by xNBSx

Red Rascal Strawberry is an e-anthology, written by members of YPN, taking you on a tour of homes and landscapes, from bright and luxurious gardens through to exciting and sinister buildings.    

Earlier this year we asked younger poets on the Young Poets Network, those aged 16 and under, to write poems inspired by Daljit Nagra’s Great Memory Animator.

The poems were then collected by digital publisher Silkworms Ink who have created a new anthology Red Rascal Strawberry, to showcase their ten favourite poems. You can read the anthology here or go to the Silkworms Ink website.

Congratulations to Hannah Lawrence, Bob Horton, Catherine Hodgson, Madelaine Hanson, Samantha Giles, Lucy Ann Smith, Augustine Cerf, Angus Smith, Ankita Saxena and Guntaj Arora whose poems are featured.

Published August, 2012

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