Olympic Poem Relay: Write Your Two Line Lap

 Image by Welsh Goevrment / Llywodraeth Cymru

We’re creating a giant relay poem to help prepare for the Olympic experience, and we’re asking you to contribute two lines! Plus our favourite three submissions will win Young Poet Network notebooks.

We’re asking everyone to write two lines which we will join together to form one marathon poem. Your lines can be on any aspect of the games, here are some ideas to get your started:  

Your favourite Olympic sport
Watching sport at home or in a stadium
An athlete training
The torch relay passing through your area
The opening ceremony
Olympic buildings and venues
Newspaper headlines and advertising slogans

If you’re not a sports fan, and are sick of hearing about the Olympics you could even write a couplet about that too!

To help us join all the lines together we’re asking you to use the same rhythm of this famous couplet from boxer and sporting hero Muhammad Ali:
“Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.
George can’t hit what his eyes can’t see”

Try saying it to yourself a few times to get the rhythm in your head before composing your own sporting couplets. You can send in as many couplets as you wish but we will only select one couplet per person to include in the final poem.

To submit your lines just pop them in an email to [email protected] along with your name and age if you are 25 or under (if your are over 25 you can just say “over 25”)!  

This particular challenge is open to poets of all ages. 

We are running this challenge in sections. The first section closed on the 9th July and we’re piecing those lines into a poem at the moment. We will be running a second sections during the games so you can still send us your couplets for the final poem.

Published June, 2012

107 thoughts on “Olympic Poem Relay: Write Your Two Line Lap

  1. i am 17yrs old .in one spirit of determination records continue to swim upstream . because we let our fears sink

  2. 1 There’s a torch bright in the podium
    While I am sitting proud in the stadium.

    2 I like to get in the pool, because I think it’s cool.

    3 Cricket is a sport that’s fun, you wack the ball then run.

  3. Its our time now to put on a show that the world will never forget. I still sit and think of those great races, between Seb Coe and Steve Ovett.

  4. The Olympic Games
    The Games of Life
    Not about trouble
    Not about strife
    It’s not the winning,
    It’s the taking part,
    It’s all about
    What is true to heart…..

  5. Can we still send in our coulets now or do have to wait until the games?

    will you show us the poem from the first section or will you only show it after the second section?


  6. The red light ignites the amber flame,
    Traffic lights on standby for the green we wait…
    for the signal to go,
    the gun powder flows through the barrel to explode and let the Olympians show who should own the 24 carrot throne.

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