Happy National Poetry Day!

Today, the whole of the UK is celebrating poetry in all of its many, varied and wonderful forms! The theme for National Poetry Day 2016 is ‘Messages’, so if there’s a message you’d like to send – whoever or wherever it’s to – today is the day to do it!

Letter Box

For the past two weeks you’ve been sending us your brilliant lines of poetry on this year’s theme – we’ve shared some of our favourites below:

“I shall be the candle-light
 Play hopscotch with your shadow”
Anna Wawer

“To the man who is building walls across the ocean:
 We will tear them down before they are even built.”
Josh Wilson

“The breathless waves of laughter
 Washing cheekbone shores”
John Blackmore

“Missive of metaphor – jaunting through eyes,
 exploding from hearts into sighs.”
Angelique Cridland


“placing his watch in a crystal fire aglow
 to the secret seconds of his secret senses”
Harry Parks

“And I will tuck up little handwritten letters,
 Lipstick-stained kisses stamping the envelope”
Amelia Doherty

“Darling, my missive to you is short and simple
 you may work in a coal mine, but you’re no less an angel than I”
Fashokun Adeoti

‘”Fears carve into bark, scratches on your hands,
  Fold your troubles into origami paper and set the swan to water”
Robert Haslem

“Message in a bottle,
 A search for a saviour.”
Eden Greaves


“The white paper, cursed by the black ink of the swan quill,
Swaying elegantly through the soft breeze from the meadow”
Thomas Angell

“Pigeons flown away, the bottles cracked
Codes forgotten, but the message intact.”
Iona Mandal

“Rounding our mouths, lingering on corners
Conversation billowed like smoke”
John Blackmore

“Thrown at his feet, a monologue of pleas.
Cue, the curtain call conclusion – a cross and his disease.”
D’Arcy Welch

“The letter never delivered
The information unfound.”
Christopher Wade

“Congratulations you have been awarded a watermelon pencil case
 Also, your tortoises ballet shoes have arrived”
Lydia Probert

Telephone wires

You can also read lots of other poetry on the theme of ‘Messages’ over on The Poetry Society’s National Poetry Day page.

If you’re doing something exciting or extraordinary to celebrate today, we want to hear about it! You can let us know via Twitter or Facebook, or post in the comments below. 

Published October, 2016

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