Maggie Wang

Maggie is the first-prize winner in the Poems to Solve the Climate Crisis Challenge on Young Poets Network, created in partnership with People Need Nature and judged by Louisa Adjoa Parker; and the first-prize winner in August Challenge #2: Write the Absurd, set and judged by Foyle Young Poet Mukisa Verrall. She is also the second prize winner in the Erasure Poetry Challenge and the third Bloodaxe Archive challenge, The Re-Re-Re-Drafting Challenge. She is the third-prize winner in August Challenge #1: Re-mixing History, Fiction and the Unexpected. She is additionally commended in the Timothy Corsellis Prize 2019; in August challenge #3 on meta-poetry, written and judged by Foyle Young Poet Danique Bailey in 2019; and in August challenge #4 on the poetics of interrogation, written and judged by Foyle Young Poet Kara Jackson in 2019.