Ellora Sutton

Ellora is the first-prize winner of the Carol Ann Duffy challenge on Young Poets Network, judged by Mari Hughes-Edwards, and celebrating Duffy’s legacy as Poet Laureate. She is also the first-prize winner of Bailey Blackburn’s 2018 August challenge #2 on found poems. Ellora is commended in the commended: in the Mary Wollstonecraft challenge, written and judged by Bee Rowlatt of the Mary on the Green campaign; in the moon poetry challenge judged by Nii Parkes; in the Golden Shovel challenge, judged by Peter Kahn; in the Bletchley Park challenge, judged by So Mayer; in the W. S. Graham challenge judged by Rachael Boast as part of Graham’s centenary celebrations; and in Ankita Saxena’s protest poetry challenge, remembering 100 years of the women’s vote in the UK.

Her work has been published by The Cardiff Review, Blue Marble Review and Nightingale & Sparrow among others. She was commended in the Winchester Poetry Prize.