The Take Over – London summer development programme

Are you a young poet looking to take the next step in your career? Do you want to start hosting or facilitating, but don’t know how? The Take Over is here for you!

The Take Over is looking for ambitious young poets 16-26 to join our summer development programme. Through weekly workshops from July to September, you will design and host your own unique live poetry event at The White House, Dagenham, developing key skills and contacts every modern poet needs. The Take Over is free and open to young poets at all levels of experience.

Workshops are every Friday 5-8pm at The White House, Dagenham – come along at any point in the project and you will be welcome, we want to hear what all of you have to say!

Session 1: performance and curation

We’ll take a look at our performance skills and curation to create some collaborative performance poetry, and talk about tailoring our poetry night to a chosen community.

Session 2: format

We’ll talk about the different types of poetry nights out there, their strengths and weaknesses, and new and experimental structures. We’ll discuss what makes a good emcee, and decide on the format of our night.

Session 3: what’s it gonna be?

Now we’ve got an idea of who we’re for and what we’re doing, let’s get down to brass tacks. In this session, we’ll start thinking to August and planning our event, down to budget, times, and featured acts.

Session 4: promotion

We’ll work on getting the word out about our event, talking about the pros and cons online and on the ground promotion to create a promotion plan for our event.

Session 5: getting funded

Looking to the future, we’ll talk about planning and funding the future of your event. We’ll look at what goes into a funding application, crowdfunding, and monetisation.

The Take Over is supported by the Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds.