2 thoughts on “The Elmet Trust Ted Hughes Young Poets Award

  1. Hi my little boy would like to enter his Rememberance Day short poem. He will be 9 years old in Feb is he eligible to enter. Also when will the competition be reopening.


    1. Hi Katherine,

      Unfortunately we don’t run this competition so I’m unable to answer your questions! I would keep checking back to the website for updates: http://www.theelmettrust.org/elmet-poetry-prizes

      If your son is interested in writing more poetry, please do have a look at Young Poets Network’s online resources. Right now we have a free competition for poets of any age up to 25 to enter, themed around what nearly-happens in our lives and how it affects us: bit.ly/nearlychallenge

      Our teaching resources website Poetryclass might also be of interest to you and your son, to inspire further writing: resources.poetrysociety.org.uk

      Don’t hesitate to get in touch again if you have any more questions.

      Best wishes,

      Helen at Young Poets Network

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