streetcake experimental writing prize

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Open, closing 1 July 2020. The streetcake experimental writing prize is aimed at writers (18-30 years old), who are responding creatively and experimenting with the literature mold. With this prize, we seek to identify, recognise and develop young writers’ careers in the genres of short fiction and poetry. 

Some things we love: new forms, unconventional ideas, funny and dark content, imaginative presentations, concrete and asemic writing, strong imagery, and much more! Please read some of what streetcake has published or order last year’s anthology to give you an idea of what we mean by ‘experimental’ as this will give you a better chance of being one of our winners!

There are two age categories (18-23 and 24-30) in each category of short fiction and poetry, which means there are four overall first place winners. We also award second-fourth places in each category.