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SLAMbassadors is The Poetry Society’s national youth slam. Since 2001 it has been unearthing new talent, igniting live events, and developing the future of UK spoken word. Check the SLAMbassadors website for updates.

4 thoughts on “SLAMbassadors UK

    1. Hi Kayleigh,

      Yes it is – keep your eyes peeled on our website next year for more details. Best of luck!

      Helen at Young Poets Network

    1. Hi Lorna,

      The 2018 competition closed on 31 August I’m afraid! Sign up to our mailing list to get updates from The Poetry Society:

      However, we would love to receive poetry by you in our free Young Poets Network challenges which are open to all young poets aged 25 and younger throughout the world. Get inspired by the Timothy Corsellis Prize, responding to poets of the Second World War by 16 September:

      Plus, we have two August challenges open at the moment, written by young poets:
      – Our third August challenge is on national identity and poetry – think more deeply about how you fit into your country, and the role of patriotism today and over the last 200 years in this latest challenge by Damayanti Chatterjee, and by responding to this you can enter the Timothy Corsellis Prize: (closing 16 September)
      – And our fourth August challenge is all about vernacular: the language you speak and use online, rather than the formal stuff you might write down. What words do you use colloquially and how can you use those in a poem? (closing 17 September)

      I hope this is helpful, and best of luck with your writing!

      Best wishes,


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