Places of Poetry

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Got a poem about a place? Pin it to a map!

Have you written an ode to the gasworks at the bottom of your street? What about a poem about the Roman ruins you once visited on a school trip, or your favourite chicken shop, book shop, shoe shop? Football stadiums, secret beaches, bus stations: if you’ve written a poem about a place dear or meaningful to you and you’d like to share it – pin it to the map. Places of Poetry is a new University of Exeter / University of Lancaster project which seeks to populate a digital map of England and Wales with poems. Read more and search the already pinned poems at

Staying safe online: under 13s will need a parent or guardian to pin their poems for them. Under 18s will have their poems listed with just their first name – or you can use a pseudonym if you prefer. Make sure you don’t include details in your poem which identify where you live or where you go to school.