Never Such Innocence

Closed for 2020.

Theme: “Impact of Conflict on Communities”

For the 2019/20 academic year, the Never Such Innocence competition will be bigger than ever! We have expanded our focus to include all conflicts throughout history and today, and have broadened the age range to 9-18. We are also delighted to open a new speechwriting category!

This year’s theme is ‘The Impact of Conflict on Communities’ – We invite young people all across the world to write a poem, speech, or song, or create a piece of art reflecting on how a conflict has or is affecting a community. This conflict could be past or present; international, national or local. We also have two bonus categories, ‘75’ and ‘A Fight for Freedom’, with special prizes – see below for more information!

We invite young people to have a strong and powerful voice to influence the world’s decision makers. Visit our resource and Top Tips pages to gain inspiration or enter the competition!

5 thoughts on “Never Such Innocence

  1. Will the participants get any feedback or suggestions to improve their style ? And can the poem be written in any pattern?

    1. Hi Madiha,

      Thanks for your comment. This competition isn’t run by Young Poets Network, but I found the competition rules on the Never Such Innocence website:

      I suspect you won’t receive feedback unfortunately, and that you can write a poem in any form. Double check the rules, and you can email and ask the organisers using the contact details from their website:

      Best of luck!

      Helen at Young Poets Network

  2. Never Such Innocence is an amazing competition!
    Entering it is a great opportunity voice your thoughts about WW1, in the form of poetry or art.
    Even if you don’t win it’s a really good idea to give it a go.
    They also have some really useful resource packs to help you learn about the war.
    I came second in 9-11 Poetry in 2016 and loved meeting all the people there!
    First learned about it through Young Poets Network,
    A great experience for those who love writing or art.

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