5 thoughts on “Never Such Innocence

  1. Will the participants get any feedback or suggestions to improve their style ? And can the poem be written in any pattern?

    1. Hi Madiha,

      Thanks for your comment. This competition isn’t run by Young Poets Network, but I found the competition rules on the Never Such Innocence website: http://www.neversuchinnocence.com/library/images/NSI%20Comp%20Rules%202017-18.pdf

      I suspect you won’t receive feedback unfortunately, and that you can write a poem in any form. Double check the rules, and you can email and ask the organisers using the contact details from their website: http://neversuchinnocence.com/view/enter_the_competition

      Best of luck!

      Helen at Young Poets Network

  2. Never Such Innocence is an amazing competition!
    Entering it is a great opportunity voice your thoughts about WW1, in the form of poetry or art.
    Even if you don’t win it’s a really good idea to give it a go.
    They also have some really useful resource packs to help you learn about the war.
    I came second in 9-11 Poetry in 2016 and loved meeting all the people there!
    First learned about it through Young Poets Network,
    A great experience for those who love writing or art.

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