Moniack Mhor Young Writers’ Forum

Based in the Highlands of Scotland, the Moniack Mhor Young Writers’ Forum is at the heart of the writing centre’s youth programme. The forum allows Moniack Mhor to get its young writers more involved with the structure and development of the youth programme – they are very much involved at every step.

Forum members are also given the chance to attend Wigtown Book Festival, and meet the young writers who curate their youth festival, Wigtown: The Festival.

In 2016, the Young Writers’ Forum launched an anthology of young highland writing. Moniack Mhor appointed a group of young people aged 16 to 25 to drive the project forward.

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    1. Hi Sibongile,
      If you have a look around the Young Poets Network site – particularly our Writing Challenges section – you’ll find lots of opportunities to send in your work. Good luck!
      Young Poets Network

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