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  1. Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s House
    By: Nave Nissan, 12, Israel

    On a noisy street, in Hadera, Israel amongst very tall apartment buildings, there is one small house with red roofing tiles and one big palm tree, and if you pass on that street you can see a small woman who sometimes sits in the front yard and plays the accordion… You should know that this is my grandmother, and at this house I grew up and was educated.

    I am not the only one who enjoyed this house that I am going to tell you about: once, this house was a kindergarten. It had swings and games in the yard and the same children that used to play on these swings are my teachers at school today.

    My name is Nave, and as you already understood I’m from Hadera, Israel.
    And today I would like to tell you about my grandmother Nehama’s house:
    The house I was brought to – from the hospital when I was born, the house that all my family comes to – from all over the country – on high holidays.

    I feel like this house is a big part of me. Every year, my grandfather raises the basketball net as I grow taller and at this same house I had a dog that I really loved, his name was “Hetzh” which means “arrow” in my language. I remember throwing a ball for him to catch, all over this house. Hetzh died…he is no longer with us, but until this very day I find his fur in the garden.

    when my dad needs to fly away on business trips we always sleep over at this house, and then I am the luckiest boy in the world because grandma wakes up early, especially for me, and makes me the yummiest breakfast in the world.

    So now you can understand why I like this house – it is my home! and I already told my mom that I will be moving there when I turn eighteen years old.

    I am not sure that this is where I need to sent it to.
    can you please confirm.
    thank you.

    1. Hi Nave,

      Great to hear you’re interested in submitting your work! We’re Young Poets Network and we aren’t affiliated with Little Buffalo unfortunately – you’ll need to email Little Buffalo with your submission to be considered: [email protected].

      If you feel like writing some poetry and submitting it, on Young Poets Network we currently have two challenges open. We’d love to have an entry from you! Write a poem in response to this name-themed challenge written by T. S. Eliot Prize winner Jen Hadfield: bit.ly/NameChallenge

      We’re also asking young poets to write fun and interesting riddles: bit.ly/RiddleChallenge

      All our challenges are totally free to enter and offer the chance of publication and poetry goodies.

      Best of luck,

      Helen at Young Poets Network

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