Your lines of poetry on the National Poetry Day 2014 theme Remember

‘Old Photos’ by Jeni Rodger

To help us celebrate National Poetry Day 2014, we asked young poets to send us a line or two of poetry on the theme ‘Remember’, to post on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day and create a new feature for Young Poets Network. We had a wonderful response, and here we present your evocative words, full of memory and reflection. Thank you to everyone who participated!

“Amnesia seems to have stung me bitter”
Andil’amaqhawe Ncube

“Names you emptied
from me are yours to keep”
Jerrold Yam

“see, i’m crying for more than this;
i’m here for all the fear that’s eating”
Olivia Garcia

“At the crescendo of happiness
When cheek melts to cheek”
Luke Jeffrey Wilkinson

“And now, sixty honest years on.
My hair has gone white, and my children are greying”
Adam Zhu

“you never reached your 18th birthday
two days before you departed
left so many people broken hearted”
Muride Saricicek

“If I could turn back time I’d swap your heart for mine”
Amy Newsome

“Boy gazing up at the glowing moon
Remembers thinking it a big balloon
That god pulled down each day at noon.”
Matthew Little

“but then again when you smile
my world sparkles with new life
and a new day”
Saba Ali Jatoi

“Ice-cold sunrise permeated our nocturnal naïveté.
We thought we could sleep forever and cease to remember reality”
Colin Dale

“That’s why we’re humans;
We come,
And we go”
Poppy-Louise Tully

“As I grow older, my
memories of you
Diminish, grow weak, but never fade from view.”
Eve Lambrick

“I screamed from the lack of love – because you.”
Dagmara Podsiadlo

“You said you’d stay but you didn’t.
You said you’d remember but you don’t.
I thought I could forget but I can’t.”
Jessica Hilbert

“The miniature jungle caressing her skin
With an unfamiliar care. “
Eve Roberts

“My mind was expanding, my eyes were opening, things that were once closed, started to open.”

“A few more moments
Let me see you
Let me linger
Let me stay”
Keerti Karunakaran

“Time is a condition of love.
For we may be defined by time,
but we are born by love,
so one teaches us to know the other.”
Tan Jing Min

“I will always remember the sparks of Florida”
Robyn Saunders

“My Grandad Donald, you make me smile.
To save all those lives you soared every mile.”
Chloe Urquhart


“Last words you ever said
Shall echo in the head

“I remember you, like a pause in a sentence, that sucked up infinity in its silence.”
Jasmine Kaur

“remember us
in the cradle of dust”
Ian Macartney

“The human staring back at me, I remember her.
She’s who I wanted to be, before it all went wrong.”
Amelia Doran

“Morning waves breaking
Whispering words
Of hushed reassurance to the waking
World, my once mighty father to me.”
Freya Metcalfe

“This winter, when we light the fire,
we will remember him.”
Sylvia Villa

“A question that has since been lost
In my mind,
Buried deep
Inside a box.”
Kathleen King

“And I’ve woken up from a sleep of years many to find – my epiphany— I never left, no friends bereft, my heart uncleft, so much to remind.”
Koonj Vekaria

“I hope you remember the apple I kept in eye that never shall be fallen”
Abdalla Adam Abaker

“Simmer it down, my whole life,
Could be nothing more than this”
Isabelle Bond


“Beneath the poppies crisp and red, betwixt the corpses newly dead,
Beneath the anger hate and woe we find a message where the poppies grow.”
Thomas Freeney

“try to remember the moments; you forget yesterday;
life will try to rid of those moments, and blow them so far away”
Connor Howlett

“…my eyes
See things much too far
My thoughts
Wander off the edge of the world”
Jodi Lunn

“But love is blind and lovers cannot see,
I remember something that is long gone.”
Yeo Shi Wen

“I saw the sun
I remembered its presence
I felt nothing but the wind”
Eleanor Wride

“The sweet scent of my mother’s perfume,
January, March and December,
The magic you’ve done,
I will always remember. “
Zahra Nia

“These memories give our past a future.”
Sabrina Hogan

“My childhood dreams
Bang against boundaries imposed”
Rudrakshi Bhattacharjee

“I will always recollect
the fond memories we had, never forget
I owe it to you, a never-ending debt”
Kiran Bhandal

“My memories are scattered as gold brown leaves in autumn, but my thoughts cluster like ripening berries at the height of summer.”
Nafseen Islam

“this evening my memory turned translucent
like a bloom of moon jellyfish”
Sohini Basak

“That day –
your palm was glossy with sweat,
fingers hissing with ribbons.”
Maria Calinescu

“Oh, may my life be a tribute to hers!
As I reminisce…back to days
When I didn’t feel so lost in a mist.”
R.A. Hernandez

“The Days you used to know me and I would never have to pretend.”
Kirsty Cook

“She used to wake me up
with songs so vibrant
Now I am deafened
by the sound of her silence”
Chama Kay

“Who? When? Why?
That was the time of our lives.”
Jonathan Ross

“We were the best and we were not dead yet.
We were ourselves and we were all we had.”
Joe Bath

“Remember all the people who fought in the war,
All their families scared hoping they will come home.”
Phoebe Bourne

“Remembrance fills Empathy’s cenotaph,
With gilded lilies of welded past.”
Kavae Loseby

“Remember the people that saved us
Remember the people that died trying”
Chelsea Capeling


“The summer days drift away
As the memories lay in our heads”
Willow Carter Law

“The door,
Closed and private, oaken and assured.
It has no ears. No breath to whisper.”
Fynn Levy

“It was a cold, snowy November and I will always remember
The lost troops who fought for their country and died the most painful death.”
Tayler Collishaw

“The wind gushing through my hair, I remember my skin so fair
The waves crashing so rough, I remember I could never get enough”
Chloe Giltjes-Vincent

“Children running, sun shining
I remember…the summer”
Matt Hawker

“Remember the men on the ground, moaning around on the ground
Not being helped because of the groan and the sound of the Hellish moan.”
Ifan Holweger

“I remember that dog
That dog who turned into a frog.”
Travis Jose

“Do you remember mother of your spoken language?
Damn! you will have to visit her motherland which is known as ‘India’!”
Devang Trivedi

“Remember the days of summer
The days that could not have been funner”
Alfie Marshall

“And together we coded and decoded our own language,
Foreign to all.”
Fareeha Manzoor

“Remember the people who fought in the war
Remember the people who won’t ever be back at the door”
Marshall McAdams


“Poppies are red
Heaven is white”
Libby Perkins

“Remember remember the time we had together, remember the time we spent together
Remember the life we will live together, just remember the time we spent together”
Jazmine Rowe

“I remember that day
The day I found some hay”
Joshua Lashbrook

“Nothing, but thin air, not a sight to see
But red poppies lined up as today is Remembrance Day”
Sophie Rowe

“Remember the people who fought for your country
Remember that they went out and risked their lives to save yours and others.”
Tic Stidwell

“the moments we shared are here no more
the house of cards finally burned down”
Tanvi Nishchal

“Do you remember those days at the beach?
We can’t go now, as grown-ups.
Rubbish filtered into our paradise”
Ailsa Dixon

“Be reminded that I am here –
Your everlasting sun”
Lia Jung

“The days were becoming lower
and one day that time was over.”
Roopkatha Majumdar

“Remember the soldiers fighting the war their life coming to an end.
Remember the survivors who survived all that time then being called back to another war”
Amy Lawley

“It was the day when blood betrayed blood,
And rose replaced it with
A wound not worth of a memory.”
Vidhi Bagadia

“The sun chases moon, immortal we turn to dust
Will you be remembered?”
Abby Johanson

“The toy box untouched;
the toys forgetful, dopey and drugged
and suffocated in the garage.”
Theo Lewis

“The calendar pulls its tongue at your face
You listen to footprints that leave no trace”
Saduni Wanniarachchi

“Remember now each smile and last goodbye,
For now their smiles are bound towards the sky.”
Rachel Bruce

“This memory is buried
so deep in its grave
that only a finger points
the way it came.”
Louise Watson

“I remember the dreams I had of where I would be today
Must I remember to let them fly far away?”
Angelina Dash

“Remembering the good, forgetting the bad
Remembering all the fun times
We used to have.”
Monique Harris

“The dark night has arrived again and my mind has the strange manner to remind me of your face.”
Diana Parsons

“Remove all memory, all history:
Wind up until the spring breaks”
Ramani Chandramohan

“Remembering you is like
Emily Hughes

“The memories in a brown leaf,
page one of the story”
Karissa Kao

Published October, 2014

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