Win the chance to review Paul Muldoon at Southbank Centre

Paul Muldoon
Paul Muldoon

We’re looking for a young poet to review the Poetry Society’s Annual Lecture which this year is being given by Paul Muldoon. Winners will receive free tickets to the event and paid travel to London!

A former Oxford Professor of Poetry, Paul Muldoon was born in Northern Ireland and is now based in the USA, where he is a Professor at Princeton University and Poetry Editor of The New Yorker. His collections include Why Brownlee Left, The Annals of Chile (winner of the T.S. Eliot Prize 1994), Moy Sand and Gravel (winner of the Griffin Prize 2003), and Horse Latitudes.

Muldoon’ s lecture, ‘The Word on the Street: Parnassus and Tin Pan Alley’ will be asking, how do we know when and why a poem is going to be a poem and a song a song?

During the event Muldoon will introduce some new poems and song lyrics, and discuss the impact of one genre on the other in his and other writers’ work.

The event is taking place twice, once in London and once in Ledbury:
The Southbank Centre, 30th June, 4.30 pm
Ledbury Poetry Festival, 1 July 4.15pm

The competition prize winner will be invited to review the event in the location of their choice.

Win the Chance To Review:

This competition is open to those aged between 16 and 25. To win this opportunity please choose your favourite Paul Muldoon poem and tell us, in no more than 500 words, why you think it is a great poem.

Paste your review into the body of an email along with your name, address, phone number, age, the name of the poem you are writing about and whether you want to review in London or Ledbury.

Write “Review Paul Muldoon” in the title bar.

Send it to [email protected] before midnight on Tuesday 26th June.

Find a Paul Muldoon Poem to Write About

You can find poems by Muldoon at:
Poetry Foundation
Poetry Archive
Paul Muldoon’s own website

The Prize

The winner will be offered their travel expenses to London or Ledbury, and two free tickets for the Poetry Society Annual Lecture. The winner will be expected to write a review for the event which may be featured on the Young Poets Network.

Please note we don’t have accomodation for winners. So do make sure you can travel too and from the lecture on the day or can make your own arrangements to stay overnight. Only the winner’s transport is paid. This opportuntity is only open to poets within the UK.

Published June, 2012

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