We need your top poetry tips!

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This feature is a work in progress, because we need YOU! We want your top tips about writing and creativity, for example:

•  How you approach the redrafting and editing process to improve your drafted poems – we will be focusing on this particularly as it’s a really valuable skill for poets to have

•  How you get inspiration

•  Things you’ve read/ done/ seen that have sparked off ideas

•  Writing techniques, exercises and games you find useful

•  How (if!) you discipline yourself to write regularly

•  How you make your poems as powerful as possible


Jo Shapcott kicks things off in her video Advice for Young Poets:

“If you’re one of those writers who finds it really difficult to get a poem that goes over the page, here is my tip: What you do is, you write your poem and you think ‘Oh that’s too small, I wish I’d said more about that.’ Put it away, then pick it up again the next day and cover up everything except the last line. Now, the last line is going to be the first line of the poem you write today. You’ll find yourself going places you never expected, and you can do that every day until you’ve practically written Paradise Lost!”

Thanks to everyone who sent in their brilliant writing tips – we now have two features packed with inspiring advice: Part 1, getting in the right mindset and Part 2, editing and redrafting.

Published March, 2013

2 thoughts on “We need your top poetry tips!

  1. “Another tip is, try poems from experience. These bring the deepest and real thoughts and can take the reader away. Or, if you can’t think of one to write about, try writing about something you might have not experienced or seen, but know a lot about.”

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