Unpack a Poem: Regrow Your Entire Body

Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body

was the headline that stopped me short.
It took a day or two to get back to it
what with all the broken cups…

from ‘Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body’ by Elaine Beckett, published in The Poetry Review, Vol 102, No. 2, Summer 2020.

Photo of some sea squirts under water: squishy, foamy looking things

There is nothing we enjoy more than sitting with our friends, discussing poems – whether in a writing workshop, round a café table or gathered in Zoom.

Here at The Poetry Society we’re starting a new programme to encourage discussions around poems published in our publication The Poetry Review. Four times a year, we’ll be publishing two new guides – one for our Stanza groups and other adult audiences, and one aimed at young writers and readers. In each guide we’ll also be including some writing ideas too, to prompt your poems into conversation with the ones you’ve just read.

We’re starting with the Summer 2020 issue of The Poetry Review. So, to begin, explore Elaine Beckett’s ‘Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body’. Older readers and writers can head to the main Poetry Society website to find ideas related to Gregory Leadbetter’s ‘Labels for the Exhibition of an Hitherto Private Cabinet of Masks’.

Let us know how you get on, or if there’s a particular approach you’d like us to take for future guides!

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