The Drought: a SLAMbassadors collaboration

Emmeline Armitage and Honey Birch, two SLAMbassadors 2017 champions, release new single ‘The Drought’.

Image for Honey and Emmeline's single: blue square with image of sunset in the centre

Poetry has always been close friends with music so this stunning new collaboration between SLAMbassador Emmeline Armitage and Cold Fire Award-winner Honey Birch makes perfect sense.

The piece combines Armitage’s emotion-packed spoken word with Birch’s acoustic guitar and restrained sung refrains. The music balances the words superbly and the surreal imagery seems to dance over Birch’s slow, hypnotic strumming:

At least the sun was around when the day came, now the sun’s on the ground with its head in its hands and the moon’s turned its back and its mouth’s filled with sand. Now he’s acid rain, he’s trouble wrapped tight in a hurricane, with laughter like hail his lungs feed the west wind…

Listen to ‘The Drought’ now.

Speaking about the collaborative work, Birch has told Young Poets Network, “I found it so interesting. Working with another person is really different to anything I’ve done before, but to be able to bounce off someone else’s talent made the whole process so fun and enjoyable.”

Armitage and Birch met at the SLAMbassadors masterclass weekend in 2017, where they collaborated on the final piece that they performed on stage at Cargo.

Reflecting on that winners’ weekend, Armitage has told us, “I’m so grateful for SLAMbassadors for introducing me to other areas within poetry and the opportunity to work with other like-minded people. Honey’s music is so rich and poetic on its own but working together felt really exciting, like we were creating something entirely new and our own. It’s a piece we’ll have forever now and will always remind me of the weekend we had at The Poetry Society, creating and experimenting as a collective.”

Watch Emmeline Armitage’s and Honey Birch’s winning SLAMbassadors entries below:

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Published April, 2018

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