SUPERPOEM: Find out how you can take part

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We’re writing a Superpoem! Poet Inua Ellams ran a live workshop on Twitter and is currently weaving together a Superpoem from elements in all the poems submitted. Don’t worry if you missed the live workshop, you can still take part using the instructions below!

Idea: Poet Inua Ellams hosted a live workshop through the Young Poets Network Twitter account. Instructions were tweeted and people followed the instructions to create their poem. Don’t worry if you missed the original workshop you can still take part by following the instructions below.

The theme is ‘Superheroes – not being heroic’ meaning poems about the in between times: Superman making a cup of tea, Iron Man brushing his teeth, what does the superhero do when he or she is not on duty?

You can read the original Tweets starting just before noon on 29th June on our Twitter account here:

Any questions?  email [email protected]

Write your Superpoem!


In the lead up choose a superhero, find out a bit about them and know their strengths, weaknesses and details of the superhero costume.

The Tweets

Tweet 1. 12.00 pm //
There are only a few things to note.
1) Each Verse should be no more than 60 words.
2) You will be given 5 mins to write each verse.

Superhero Takes The Train
Photo: JMV

Tweet 2. 12.05 pm //

You can write in 1st person (as your Hero) or 3rd person (about your hero).

Tweet 3. 12.10 pm //

Verse 1. Describe your hero returning from some sort of battle, his/her mood, how they enter their flat, house, office or bar.

Tweet 4. 12.15 pm //

Verse 2. Let your hero take off his/her costume or weapon. It is damaged (How?) let him/her grumble about this.

Tweet 5. 12.20 pm //

Verse 3. Let your hero do something mundane. As he/she does this, he/she worries about their weakness.

Tweet 6. 12.25 pm //

Verse 4. Your hero hears about another disaster/crime. Where do they hear from? What is the news?

Tweet 7. 12.30 pm //

Verse 5. Finish the poem – what does your hero do? choose to go and save the day or sit this one out?

Tweet 8. 12.35 pm //

You have 10 minutes to edit the poem. (Clean up language, add or remove bits.)

Tweet 9. 12.45 pm //

Now please type up and email to – [email protected] as soon as possible.

Thank you!


Inua is weaving together the superpoem from poems sent in right now, so email it to ASAP if you would like it included! (Try to send it by 10am Thrusday 30th June.)


Inua Ellams Born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria ‘1984, Inua Ellams is a Word and Graphic Artist, a writer with a style as influenced by Classic literature as it is by hip hop, by Keats as it is by MosDef. Rooted in a love for rhythm and language, he crosses 18th Century romanticism & traditional story telling with contemporary diction, loose rhythm and rhyme.

Published June, 2011


10 thoughts on “SUPERPOEM: Find out how you can take part

    1. Hi Lisa, the instructions will still be up on our twitter account later in the day, so while you need to be logged on at noon to take part in real-time, you should still be able to follow the instructions after the fact and submit the your poem the next morning to have elements from it included in the Superpoem!

  1. The workshop will last about 45 minutes, as for the length of the final Superpoem we’ll have to see what gets submitted!

  2. Search for the hashtag #ypn to join in and send your finished pieces to chris at futureofthebook dot org dot uk – the choice of hero is up to you!

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