The Young Poets Network Eats Poems


We asked you to write poems short enough to ice onto cakes and the results were delicious!

Last Saturday the Young Poets Network and Poetry Digest gathered at the Poetry Cafe in London’s Covent Garden for an afternoon of poetry readings and eating.

The challenge was to write a poem on the theme “Lime Light” short enough to fit on a cupcake. Ten poems were selected by the Poetry Digest editorial team, Swithun Cooper and Chrissy Williams, to be turned into cake and a further ten were commended.

Chrissy created designs for the cake tops which were digitally printed onto icing sheets.

Catherine Olver Poem Eleanor Hough Poem
Elizabeth Johnson Poem Lenni Sanders Poem
Natasha Krishnamurthy Poem Phoebe Power Poem
Anna Ferley Poem Sarah Fletcher Poem
Rachel Lewis Poem Alexander Shaw Poem

These lovely cake tops were then added to cakes creating the fabulous pyramid of cake:


The commended poems which our editor bakers loved but just couldn’t squeeze onto the cakes were…

Natasha Bailey

By the time they find the money’s gone
I plan to be in Lima.
If they ask tomorrow
tell them I’m not home.

Upasna Saha

I asked the curtain to disguise
The dew in my own eyes.

Emma Warren

If this cake were made
from unslaked Ca(OH)2
I’d be hungrier – but more alive –
for how it made me think of you.

Faye Milburn

bitter as lemons
while they steal all the limelight
a spiteful scurvy.

Emily Brown

Yer gums are black as London grime.
Avast, ye bilge rat, suck a lime.

Philip Robinson

For those with a sweet tooth.
Rises quickly.
Surprisingly delicate.

Catherine Hodgson

I do not wish to be overshadowed
by certain pretentious citrus fruits.

Emily Morgan

Admit it: calorific, but… for poetry’s sake!
There’s your green light, bite! Eat my words.

Emma Yeo

you thrive in limelight
actors on a stage
are you still acting when the curtain falls?

Katie Randall

Bitter is the lime that’s tasted,
but bitter is the lime that’s not.

We had readings:

Sarah Fletcher Reads Poetry

Then we had eating:

Eating Poetry Cake


Poetry Cake Debris

Published September, 2011

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