Poems Go Digital at the Alpha-Ville Patch Slam

Young poets Molly Pearson, Eleanor Watkins and Alister McQuarrie team up with digital designers to create new poetry installations.

Molly, Alister and Eleanor were selected to take part at the festival through a competitions run by the Young Poets Network, where they were asked to write a poem on the theme “The Future”. A team of VVVV designers coordinated by Hayden Anyasi then created installations based on the poems. In the videos below you can see the poems performed with the installations projected behind the poets.

“Picture This” by Molly Pearson

“Branches” by Alister McQuarrie

“Hindsight” by Eleanor Watkins

Poet Alister MacQuarrie and designer Joe Mounsey talk about creating the installation

Molly and Alister talk about what it was like to be part of the Patch Slam


Published September, 2011

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