Poem As Springboard: Use Existing Poems To Inspire Your Own

Use other poems to inspire your own, plus order a FREE copy of the Foyle anthology!

Imagine reading someone else’s poem as like carefully, slowly, walking along a diving board. Once you’ve read the poem, absorbed it, you’re then at the tip of the diving board, feet poised on the edge. There you find below you the shimmering pool;  the space for you to dive, jump or even carefully lower yourself into. This is where you enter the beginnings of a new poem, one of your own making.

It is always extremely useful to read other’s poems to help find and refine your own poetic voice. A good place to start is anthologies as these bring together a whole range of poets so you get a great variety of styles and ideas all in one place.  Writing competitions often produce anthologies from the winning poems, and what is even better these are often free to get hold of. The Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award anthology, which is published each year and features the 15 winning poems of the competition. Remember, these 15 poems were chosen out of an immense 15,000 poems sent in, so they obviously have something special to shine out amongst all the others!

Contact us to get a free copy of the Foyle Anthology, Fools for Love and Salt, featuring the 2011 competition winners. All you need to do is email your name, full address and postcode to [email protected] and we’ll get one out to you within 10 days while stocks last.

Remember, the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award is open for submissions from poets aged 11-17, and the deadline is the 31st July 2012. This year’s judges are Helen Mort and Christopher Reid. Find out more at www.foyleyoungpoets.org

Published June, 2012

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    1. Hi Zane, if you sign up to Young Poets Network, we’ll keep you updated about when the competition reopens in March 2013.

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