On the Inside of the Easter Egg: things to do on holiday at home

These are going to be some strange holidays: many of you will still be at home, and if you were planning to prepare yourself for exams later in the summer – well, they’ve mostly disappeared too. Here are a few light touch ideas and challenges to keep you inspired, distracted and occupied instead. Let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear from you.

Photo of some mini eggs in a small basket on the grass

High Windows Challenge

Some people put rainbows in their windows for people to spot when they’re out on their daily walks. We’ve heard of displays of teddy bears, for children to track down when they’re out and about. In our local park, people have taken to chalking compliments on the paths. How about a changing display of lines of poetry in your windows, to entertain and edify people passing by your house? Write big, so people can see from the pavement.

Two Minute Recitals

If you’re a bit exhausted by a constant schedule of ZoomSkypeHouseparty video chats, take control of your face time. Film yourself reading a favourite or meaningful poem, and send it to your friends and relations who can replay it as many times as they like, while you relax and recharge.

Uncommon Commonplace Books

People have kept commonplace books since antiquity. A form of scrapbook or notebook, a commonplace book can contain lists, quotes, sketches, photos, recipes, newspaper clippings, autographs … any text or image that can be written in or cut out and stuck down. Gather together your favourite poems and make a commonplace anthology from them – tape in copies, hand-write versions, add images, commentary and as much glitter glue as you like.

If you want to make your own book, Sea Lemon has some good ‘how to’ videos for basic sewn book binding techniques:

Quizteama Rossetti …

… is the name of The Poetry Society staff pub quiz team. We have been known to smash first prize in our local pub competition. Here’s our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram quiz – copy and paste/retweet/repost it, adding your own answers. 

  1. First poem you loved
  2. First poetry book you bought
  3. Most recent poetry book you bought
  4. Favourite classic poet
  5. Favourite contemporary poet
  6. Desert island poetry collection
  7. Poem you know by heart
  8. Best love poem
  9. Sestinas: yes or no?
  10. What rhymes with orange?

And discover our Learning & Participation Manager’s answers here:

Poetry in [Stop] Motion

Download a stop motion movie maker app to your phone or tablet (there are lots of free ones – one we like is Stop Motion Studio, and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials) and animate a poem. Pick one of your own, or one you love. What style to choose? Lego figures reciting, paper words hopping across the screen, something more abstract? Here’s a brilliant example to inspire you: 

Let us know how you get on, or what else you’re up to, in the comments!

Published April, 2020

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