Ways to be Wilder winning poems

We are so thrilled to announce the winning and highly commended poems in the Ways to be Wilder poetry challenge! We were absolutely bowled over by the hundreds of entries we received in response to judge Jen Hadfield’s challenge to ‘find your wild side’, and delighted to be publishing Jen’s ten chosen poems, which you can […]

Translating ‘Película’ by Pedro Serrano

It’s up to you to write the final version! Spanish Original Película En la pantalla álgida se quemaron el rollo y la película, se extendió en el lino la mancha loca, el olor chamuscado e insultante de plástico torcido, papel abierto al caldo de los ácidos, la frialdad del foco develado, a la impotencia inútil […]

Translating ‘Luminaria’ by Pedro Serrano

Three versions Spanish Original Luminaria Como una luciérnaga en medio de un campo hecho solo de ruidos, con el brillo, latente, luz adentro, cascabel, diminuto e inaudito. Me apago hacia mí mismo para que tú te pierdas, me apago.   Literal Translation by Don Cellini Luminary Like a firefly in the middle of a field […]

Don Cellini tells us more about the art and craft of translation

The practice of translation seems to involve some mystery for those who are not translators. However, there is no magic potion or secret chant that changes a poem from one language into another. Mostly it involves lots of time with dictionaries, encyclopaedias, maps, and the Internet. It’s not magic; it’s work. The translator’s goal is […]