Lit-up Rose

Roses Full of Flame: The Poems of Claudia Jones

Many famous poets were also activists, but how many historical figures do you know who wrote poetry for fun – and what can their writing tell us about them? In this feature, poets Jay Bernard and Walt Hunter explore the under-appreciated writings of Claudia Jones, who was most famous for setting up London’s first Caribbean […]

Drawing of a door opening onto a blue sky and a cloud in the middle of space

Remember to Have Fun! Writing for Mental Health

With 80% of young people saying their mental health is worse because of the pandemic, we all need to find ways to be kinder to ourselves. As part of her new campaign #WriteThroughThis, Young People’s Laureate for London Cecilia Knapp offers some tips on how to have fun and (re-)discover the magic of writing, even […]

Mary Jean Chan, reading at a podium

On Reading Queer Poets

Foyle Young Poet Libby Russell explores what we gain when we read queer poets. Maybe I’m biased, but I think poetry is the perfect medium to explore, understand and celebrate queerness. Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick said the word ‘queer’ could refer to ‘the open mesh of possibilities, gaps, overlaps, dissonances and resonances, lapses and excesses of […]

Frank O'Hara poses with his chin propped up on his fist

LGBT+ History Month: Foyle Young Poets’ Picks

February is LGBT+ History Month, so we asked some recent Foyle Young Poets to share their LGBT+ poet-heroes. Dive in! Paul Verlaine (1844 – 1896, France) Nadia Lines writes: French poet Paul Verlaine isn’t so much of a hero, but really a slow-motion train wreck of a person. He was a late nineteenth century French […]

Amanda Gorman performing at the presidential inauguration

If Only We’re Brave Enough: Amanda Gorman and Young Poets in the News

We reflect on the recent global attention on one young poet: Amanda Gorman. Let the globe, if nothing else, say this is true: That even as we grieved, we grew. That even as we hurt, we hoped. That even as we tired, we tried. Since the inauguration of President Biden earlier this week, everyone has […]

Two small scorpions shelter under a leaf

Unpack a Poem: The One about the Scorpion and the Frog

A Story About Water so there’s a scorpion and a frog—they’re trying to get across this river—the scorpion says to the frog take me—the frog says are you sure because if you sting me we’ll both drown—the scorpion says of course i’m sure—so the frog takes the scorpion and the scorpion stings the frog and […]

Photo of children sitting in front of a cloth marked like a window

How to work in the arts: Dhiyandra Natalegawa, Assistant Producer

In our latest feature, we speak to Dhiyandra Natalegawa, current Assistant Producer for the Brent 2020 programme for London Borough of Culture. She shares the young people’s programme that got her into Art History, connecting with Indonesian art and “knowing your mountain”. What’s your current job title? Assistant Producer at London Borough of Culture Brent […]

Composite image of seven book covers by Imtiaz Dharker and one image of Dharker performing on stage

Dzifa Benson reads Imtiaz Dharker

Poet Dzifa Benson looks at the life and works of a literary giant: Imtiaz Dharker, artist, film-maker and author of seven poetry collections. Imtiaz Dharker, one of Britain’s most influential contemporary poets, believes ‘poetry tries to interpret the heartbeat of the world’. We can see this in her writing, which is compassionate, concise and infinitely […]

Book cover of Paper Trail by Julia Bird and Mike Sims: a turquoise/teal background with line drawings - a squiggly brown line joins a yellow circle with a red circle

How to Get Started with Collaboration in Poetry

When you collaborate with someone else, you are embarking on an exciting adventure together. Collaboration offers the chance to be pushed in new ways, to work in new forms, and to pay attention to another discipline and someone else’s obsessions. Working with other people might even lead to a shift in your personal practice and […]