Crop of Book cover for The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath. Plath's name appears at the top and underneath are dozens of black and white concentric circles inside one another

Sylvia Plath in the 21st century: read by Maiya Dambawinna

Sylvia Plath is one of the most beloved poets of all time, especially by young writers. We asked Foyle Young Poet Maiya Dambawinna why she thought young poets flock to Plath. Content warning: contains references to suicide Last year, The Poetry Society surveyed young poets about their reading and writing habits: when asked their favourite […]

“My people, my people”: Fathima Zahra recommends

For many, 2020 has been a strange Ramadan, and this weekend will mark an unusual Eid. We asked YPNer Fathima Zahra to recommend books by Muslim poets for these strange times. ‘I fast during Ramadan and by its midpoint I feel charged, sharper. I feel witchy (is this blasphemous?) and clear. I don’t know that […]

Photo of a desk with an open book, a cup, a pencil case and some papers

Foyle Young Poets Recommend: Start Your Own Book Club

In our fourth and final Foyle Young Poets recommend feature, Cia Mangat and Annie Davison share what they’re reading and how they are coping. Why not take up Cia’s challenge to start your own book club and carry on the conversation? Catch up with yesterday’s feature here. Cia Mangat: Space Struck Wolves “This week I […]

Photo of Foyle Young Poets sitting round a circular table with notebooks. Em power reads from her work.

Foyle Young Poets Recommend: Meditations in an Emergency

What to do in self-isolation? Read! We’re asking Foyle Young Poets to offer poetry recommendations for these strange times. Today, Lydia Wei and Em Power suggest some poems to read and some ways of coping with the changing circumstances. Check back later this week as we share more reading tips from Foyle Young Poets, and […]

Photo of Trinity Robinson reading a book at a table

Foyle Young Poets Recommend: On Waiting For Tomorrow

Today, Foyle Young Poets Talulah Quinto and Trinity Robinson offer their top poetry recommendations for right now, and share how they’ve been coping with the change of pace. Check back later this week as we share more reading tips from Foyle Young Poets, and find yesterday’s feature here! Talulah Quinto: Disappearing Into Another World ‘Ode […]

Photo of three young poets laughing together on a sofa

Foyle Young Poets Recommend: Poetry For the Stressed/Unstressed

Do you wish you were reading more poetry but don’t know where to start? We’ve asked last year’s top 15 Foyle Young Poets to recommend poems for these strange times. Hear from these award-winning poets about what they’ve been reading and how they’re coping with the lockdown. Check back later this week as we share […]

Photo of some mini eggs in a small basket on the grass

On the Inside of the Easter Egg: things to do on holiday at home

These are going to be some strange holidays: many of you will still be at home, and if you were planning to prepare yourself for exams later in the summer – well, they’ve mostly disappeared too. Here are a few light touch ideas and challenges to keep you inspired, distracted and occupied instead. Let us […]

NaPoWriMo 2020

Happy April! You might not know that April is National Poetry Writing Month – the global poetry generating project that’s been running since 2003. NaPoWriMo invites you to write a poem a day throughout April in common with poets all over the world. Now more than ever do we feel the need to be involved […]

YPN writing prompts for self-isolation

Are you stuck at home? Maybe even self-isolating? Fancy flexing your creative muscles? We’ve put together a bundle of great writing prompts from across Young Poets Network’s nine-year history. Originally, these challenges were set up as writing competitions. They’re not competitions any more, but they’ll still do a good fun job of getting you writing. […]

Take a Deep Breath: How To Warm Up For a Poetry Gig

What’s the key to a perfect performance? How do you prepare to go on stage? The Poetry Society’s own Julia Bird shares her secrets… The Poetry Society’s Learning & Participation Manager Julia Bird has produced many touring poetry shows over the last decade, and has a sure-fire pre-show routine to get poets ready for their […]