YPN writing prompts for self-isolation

Are you stuck at home? Maybe even self-isolating? Fancy flexing your creative muscles? We’ve put together a bundle of great writing prompts from across Young Poets Network’s nine-year history. Originally, these challenges were set up as writing competitions. They’re not competitions any more, but they’ll still do a good fun job of getting you writing. […]

Take a Deep Breath: How To Warm Up For a Poetry Gig

What’s the key to a perfect performance? How do you prepare to go on stage? The Poetry Society’s own Julia Bird shares her secrets… The Poetry Society’s Learning & Participation Manager Julia Bird has produced many touring poetry shows over the last decade, and has a sure-fire pre-show routine to get poets ready for their […]

The Poetry and the Dragon: Young Poets in the Archive

This winter, we’re challenging you to write poems inspired by the digital Bloodaxe Archive (find out more about this here). We asked two young poets to rummage through the exciting poetry boxes in the physical archive and here’s what Foyle Young Poet Caitlin Catheld Pyper discovered… When I think of an archive, which admittedly I […]

On Drafting, Scribbling and Sketching: Young Poets in the Archive

As part of this winter’s series of challenges with Newcastle University, we’ve asked two young poets to visit the Bloodaxe Archive in person to help us understand what exactly an archive is, what you might find in it, and how you can find inspiration for your own poems. Here’s what Young Poets Networker Lauren Aspery […]

Photo of an adapted road sign in London which has a skull and crossbones on top, and in a red triangle says 'WAKE UP!' Below it another red box reads 'CLIMATE EMERGENCY'.

Young Poets on Climate Change: “I like not being dead!”

Emmanuelle Lee is an 11-year-old climate activist and seasoned performance poet from Bournemouth. Young Poets Network interviews Emmanuelle in our fourth Young Poets on Climate Change feature, and she speaks about how she realised that everyone has the power to make other people listen. Why are you a climate activist? Because I like not being […]

Young Poets on Climate Change: The Power of Being a Young Writer

Foyle Young Poet and climate activist Amelia Dye has had the strange experience of one of her poems going viral, thanks to Extinction Rebellion. So how does this young climate activist begin to put the current ecological crisis into poetry? And how can you get involved? When I first became a climate activist, my activism […]

Photo of young people holding up signs. In the middle a blue sign says 'As the oceans rise, so will we.'

Young Poets on Climate Change: How to Write about Climate Catastrophe

Across the globe, young people are rising up against climate change. And young poets are no exception. But is there a link between poetry and climate change? How can you get involved? Young Poets Networker Nadia Lines asks why activists are turning to poetry, and offers some ways into writing this huge issue. Climate change […]

Photo of a school strike protest - in the foreground a girl holds a sign saying 'We want you to panic'

Young Poets on Climate Change: Metaphors Against Catastrophe

On 20 August 2018, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg sat in front of the Swedish parliament and kick-started a global wave of school strikes for climate. On 20 September 2019, people of all ages joined students in striking to protest inaction in the face of climate change. We’ve asked some young poets who are also climate activists […]

a photo of some first books, including books by Lisa Kiew, Tristram Fane Saunders, Theresa Lola, Sarah Howe, Rakhshan Rizwan, Emily Berry and Kayo Chingonyi

How to publish your poetry: putting together the first book

How do you know when you’ve got enough poems for your first book? What order do you put them in? How do you submit a manuscript? Former Foyle Young Poet Phoebe Stuckes answers all these questions and more! When you’ve been writing poetry for a while, you might start to think about putting together your […]