Photo of a shelf of books at Edinburgh Book Fest

How To Start Your Own Micropress With Ian Macartney From sincere corkscrew

What is a micropress? How do you publish a poetry book? What kind of work do publishers do? Today we’re hearing from Foyle Young Poet Ian Macartney, who became a micropublisher in the midst of the pandemic.  Last summer, at the height of the second lockdown, my friend Tom Byam Shaw and I decided we […]

Young poet performing at a Young Poets Takeover event

How to Write a Biog

So you’re going to have your first poem published, or you’ve been accepted onto a writing programme, or you’re going to perform somewhere, or maybe you’re even setting up your own website… and you need a biog. What on earth is a biog? A biog (or bio, or ‘short biographical statement’) briefly introduces you as […]

Composite photo of Ellora Sutton, Lucas Sheridan and Nadia lines all smiling

“Hugely Democratising”: YPN at 10

To round up our tenth anniversary celebrations, we’re hearing from three Young Poets Networkers about how YPN has helped them on their poetry journeys. Nadia Lines, Ellora Sutton and Lucas Sheridan tell all – including why you should get involved, too. Nadia Lines I got involved with Young Poets Network when I was fifteen. I […]

You won't find another space like it for young poets.

Ten Reasons To Get Involved in Young Poets Network

We think Young Poets Network (now ten years old) is a welcoming, friendly space for you to develop your skills and find your tribe – but don’t take it from us! Here are some of the reasons why you should get involved, from the young people who have. 1. To find other young people who […]

Photo of a group of fifteen Foyle Young Poets standing together in the woods hugging and grinning

“There Is So Much To Learn”: YPN at 10

To celebrate ten years of Young Poets Network, we’re hearing from the people who use the website most. In this feature, Lydia Wei and Iona Mandal reflect on how much they’ve grown by taking part in the challenges. Lydia Wei I first got involved with Young Poets Network by participating in their poetry challenges. At […]

Seven Partnerships That Changed Young Poets Network – And Might Change You

What do Oxfam, the National Maritime Museum, the Moon Festival, Modern Poetry in Translation and the University of Leeds all have in common? Young Poets Network! One of the main ideas behind setting up Young Poets Network in 2011 was to work with a variety of different organisations, including those whose work had nothing to […]

Composite photos of Jerrold Yam, Fathima Zahra and Rachel Lewis

“They Really Care”: YPN at 10

It’s Young Poets Network’s tenth birthday! Today we hear from three poets who discovered YPN at the start of their journey and have since found even more success as adult writers, winning prizes, publishing their first books and (most importantly) building communities. Fathima Zahra I came across a flyer for Young Poets Network at UniSlam […]

Lauren Aspery, Ellora Sutton and Jack Cooper standing in front of the POET mural in The Poetry Café

“The Best Place for Young Poets”: YPN at 10

How can Young Poets Network change your life? This month, we’ll be hearing from some of the young people involved in YPN from the past ten years, starting with two brilliant poets from different continents, who curiously got started with the same challenge. Jayant Kashyap I first got involved in Young Poets Network in 2017, […]

Young Poets Network 10 years:

Celebrating 10 Years of Young Poets Network: A History

Happy tenth birthday to Young Poets Network (YPN)! To celebrate, throughout April we’re showcasing some of the brilliant things YPN has achieved in the past decade, and hearing from young people whose lives have been changed. In this feature, we’re looking into YPN’s never-before-seen history and some of the highlights of the past ten years. […]