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In June, Ba buys cherries, and we run our fingers along the skins,
which gleam like piano keys or the moon after fog.

We eat the cherries on the back porch,
watching the maples turn the last of the sunlight over their leaves.

Above, the clouds are gathering again,
and the birds are tracing fractals along their edges.

After midnight, the wind will tessellate them across the mountains;
on the other side, they will yawn rain into the sea.

Feeling the rain, the salmon will swim upstream to spawn
as the water ices over above them.

The bears will be waiting in welcome by the bank,
past the rapids, where the current seems to still.

A few bees will have followed the bears to the water,
beating the cold in spirals from the air.

On the way, they will have passed an orchard beginning to bloom
and dipped their tongues between the petals as they flew.

In their wake, the sky will have swarmed heavy with pollen
and the scent of sugar thickening into cherries.

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Maggie is the first-prize winner in the Poems to Solve the Climate Crisis Challenge on Young Poets Network, created in partnership with People Need Nature and judged by Louisa Adjoa Parker. She is also the second prize winner in the Erasure Poetry Challenge and the third Bloodaxe Archive challenge, The Re-Re-Re-Drafting Challenge. She is the third-prize winner in August Challenge #1: Re-mixing History, Fiction and the Unexpected. She is additionally commended in the Timothy Corsellis Prize 2019; in August challenge #3 on meta-poetry, written and judged by Foyle Young Poet Danique Bailey in 2019; and in August challenge #4 on the poetics of interrogation, written and judged by Foyle Young Poet Kara Jackson in 2019.

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