#LoveTheWords: Celebrating International Dylan Thomas Day

Hannah Ellis, teacher, writer and granddaughter of poet Dylan Thomas, talks to us about her grandfather’s life and legacy, and how you can get involved in International Dylan Thomas Day 2017 I never particularly enjoyed school. By the time I was sixteen and taking my GCSEs, I was desperate to leave and to escape years of educational […]

In conversation with Unbound

We chat to Phil Connor, a commissioning editor at Unbound, about how their unusual publishing model works, why he has a lot of enthusiasm for poetry anthologies, and how you might kick-start a career in publishing. Thanks for talking to us about your work at Unbound, Phil. First of all, for those who might not […]

A Book of Fragments and Dreams

A Book of Fragments and Dreams has been published by Unthank Cameo Books to commemorate the life and work of Rebecca McManus. Rebecca, a Foyle Young Poet of the Year 2010, was due to graduate from the University of East Anglia when she was killed by a speeding driver in 2014, aged 21. Her Book […]

Poetry and Personal Experience

Young poet Hannah Hodgson talks to us about the life experiences that motivate her writing. When I think about all the things which influence me to write a poem, personal experience leaps out as a major factor. This may be because I am newly disabled and chronically ill. I can no longer eat or drink and […]

“Take thought wherever you find it”: In conversation with Camille Ralphs

We talk to Camille Ralphs, author of acclaimed poetry pamphlet Malkin and current president of Oxford University Poetry Society. Hi Camille – thanks for talking to us. It’s been a really exciting time for you with your debut pamphlet Malkin being so well received over the past year. What’s been your experience of that so far? I’ve been lucky. […]

How to give (and receive) constructive feedback

We’ve put together a short list of tips and ideas that we hope will guide you in the best ways to give constructive feedback on another person’s poetry, and how best to take it on board yourself. Showing someone else your writing can be a really daunting experience. However confident you feel about your work, […]

Poetry for Peace

Find out more about the Poetry for Peace project, involving poets Adnan al-Sayegh Jenny Lewis working with Oxford schools on themes of heritage and peace.