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            [post_content] => by Lola Koundakjian, translated by Nadia Lines

I go to a museum today
and say hello
to the light living there -
what is gone, and imagine
what I can let live on.

I read a book today to remember
an experience that I cannot understand and
cannot have,
to dredge up poetry.

I paint today, I cut
measurements, I cut
pages of paper, I dance
alone, hands on the
hips of my brush,
teasing water.

I make
a self-portrait,
picture in a dirty mirror,
a mask.

Today I make.
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                    [wpcf-summary-description] => This translation is the first-prize winner in the 2019 poetry translation challenge on Young Poets Network (YPN), co-written and judged by Clare Pollard, editor of Modern Poetry in Translation. The challenge was to translate Lola Koundakjian's poem 'Այսօր', working with a bridge translation in English by Foyle Young Poet Adham Smart. You can read both the original poem and Adham's bridge translation here. As the first-prize winner of this challenge, Nadia's poem will be published in the Autumn 2019 issue of Modern Poetry in Translation.
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                    [title] => Nadia Lines
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                    [content] => Nadia is the first-prize winner in the 11-15 age category in the Turn Up the Volume challenge on Young Poets Network, and the first-prize winner in the 2019 poetry translation challenge with Modern Poetry in Translation, judged by Clare Pollard. She is also the third-prize winner in the meme challenge, written and judged by poet Rishi Dastidar; and commended in both the moon poetry challenge, judged by Nii Parkes; and the Golden Shovel challenge, judged by Peter Kahn.


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by Nadia Lines

1st prize, poetry translation challenge