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            [post_content] => “Y’know, you oughta get home,” he said, turning back towards the scythed mountains, coulees flowing terribly, beautifully, with gold sediment, diamonds of his sun-flecked hair. That summer I had fallen in love. A warm chinook blew down from the Rockies, rustling his starched shirt, and he pointed towards the clouds hammered above the scree. Though I’ve never understood love, not even now, it passed through that year—uneventfully, too quietly, whetting a blunt blade. He took one last look at me: “Well?” “Well what?” I said. I wouldn’t look at him then, studying instead the mare’s withers, the fraying saddle, lattice-work of loose threads from years of tanning out in the sun. Soon it would be threadbare, worn. I don’t remember the color of his eyes anymore; only brown leather, rough goods. Shaking his head, he took the reins; horse trotting past the sere grass, hooves pressed in dust—“All I’m saying is, looks like a storm’s comin.”
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                    [wpcf-summary-description] => This poem is the first-prize winner in the 2018 August Challenge #1 on Young Poets Network (YPN).
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                    [title] => Lydia Wei
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                    [content] => Lydia is a first-prize winner in the Thinking Outside the Penalty Box challenge and the 2018 August challenge #1 on prose poems on Young Poets Network, as well as third-prize winner in the 2018 August challenge #4 on using the vernacular in poetry. She is the second-prize winner in the Civilisation and Its Discontents challenge on Young Poets Network, inspired by Freud's work of the same name. Lydia is also the third-prize winner in the Timothy Corsellis Poetry Prize 2018 on Young Poets Network.


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by Lydia Wei

1st Prize 2018 August Challenge #1